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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about Lee Castle, Loch Garten, and Lerwick.

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Lee Castle in the Valley of Clyde

With an intriguing history spanning close to seven centuries and located in the charming Valley of Clyde countryside, Lee Castle is listed as a building of regional importance (category B) on the Statutory List of Buildings of...

Loch Garten – Conservation Haven

Located near the Boat of Garten village in the Scottish Highlands, Loch Garten falls within the Strathspey area of Scotland's renowned Cairngorms National Park. The freshwater loch, with its ancient Caledonian pine forests, is...

Lerwick : Capital of the Shetland Islands

Located around 160 kilometers off the north coast of the mainland of Scotland, Lerwick is both the capital and main port of the ruggedly beautiful Shetland Islands. While there are more northerly settlements on the Shetland Is...

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