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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about The Beauty of Geilston Garden, New Nessie Discovery in Archives, and M&D's Scotland's Theme Park.

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Latest Articles:

The Beauty of Geilston Garden

From April to October the Geilston Garden welcomes visitors who come to marvel at the beauty of their floral displays and seek its tranquility. Located just outside of Glasgow, in Cardross, the Geilston Garden combines beauty ...

New Nessie Discovery in Archives

In the year 1933 a sighting took place that would forever change the public view of Loch Ness. Located just outside the city of Inverness, the deep and dark waters of the Loch Ness have remained shrouded in mystery after it be...

M&D's Scotland's Theme Park

The Strathclyde Loch was constructed in 1965 and is an artificial lake that is located in the Strathclyde Country Park, in Lanarkshire. It is known as one of the most popular parks in Scotland and offers visitors a variety of ...

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